MEGAPRO 30 Multifold

CIDAN folding machine MEGAPRO is built in a sturdy and solid construction, which is important to be able to fold perfect details in 6 mm (1/4") steel or 4 mm (9 ga.) stainless steel (applies on 3100 mm (122") folding length). The sturdy beams withstand the powerful folding forces by means of a very strong construction. MEGAPRO has many intelligent functions like automatic adjustment of sheet thickness, folding center and crowning. MEGAPRO also has an automatic tool locking-system as a standard feature.

  • Dual servo driven motors for both clamping and folding beams gives an incredibly fast speed and accuracy. Great clamping pressure of 60 tons (66US) for accurate forming.
  • Automatic adjustment of folding center, folding beam and crowning when your sheet thickness changes.
  • The clamping beam opens as the folding beam returns so that they are positioned for the next step simultaneously.
Foldning length: 3100 mm
Folding capacity steel: 6 mm
Folding capacity stainless: 3.8 mm
Folding capacity aluminium: 9 mm


  • Control System ProLink W control with 18.5" touch screen and graphic programming
  • Multifold execution with divided lower beam rail (height 51 mm / 2.05”) and divided folding beam rail
  • Divided straight rail 35°
  • Folding beam rails 20 mm (.787”) and 60 mm (2.36”) with quick change tooling
  • Automatic crowning of folding beam rail
  • Frequency/servo driven motors for both clamping and folding beams
  • Automatic adjustment of sheet thickness 0-80 mm (0-3.15")
  • Motorized adjustment of folding center 0-80 mm (0-3.15")
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Foot pedal


  • Motorized back gauge SBG with twice the amount of ball transfers as standard
  • Solid back gauge fingers (min. dimension 9 mm/.315")
  • Squaring arm
  • Height adjustable back gauge (0-50 mm / 2.6")
  • Divided box tooling 100 or 150 mm (4" / 5.9") height with automatic locking system
  • Hardened rails and tools (undivided HRC 45, divided HRC 55)
  • Automatic stop of folding beam on collision with operator
  • Moveable foot switch on rail
  • Laser scanner at folding side of machine
  • Moveable tool cart for divided tools
  • 21.5" widesreen instead of standard 18.5" for ProLink W
  • Off line program for ProLink W
  • Extra foot pedal with key switch

Basic machine

MEGAPRO 30 Multifold with ProLink W 18.5" widescreen and automatic lubrication, excl. high divided tool for upper beam

Select the options you want the machine to be equipped with (all standard options are pre-selected). To learn more about the product, hover over the magnifying glass. The summary can be saved, printed or submitted to qualified CIDAN Machinery staff for a quote.

Control system
Tooling-Straight rail
Tooling-High divided tool
Tooling-Lower beam tooling
Tooling-Folding beam tooling
Cut-out in lower beam tooling
Back gauges
Height adjustable back gauge
Squaring arm for back gauge
Back gauge fingers