FORMA 40 Multifold

The CIDAN FORMA reflects decades of experience in both technology and design. FORMA from CIDAN is a "Cross-over" that handles both the requirements from small series production to proper subcontracting. Speedy production (low cost), Sweet to the operator (easy ergonomics ), Strong construction (machines for life). Simplicity in programming and quick tool changing reduces setup times to a minimum. Dual drive of the upper beam together with a new locking principle, CLS, that holds the clamping beam, gives a high clamping pressure and a great folding result. Both rails and tools have quick change and crowning is easily adjusted. FORMA is equipped with Combi beam as standard and as option it can be provided with Multifold.

  • The combination of an eccentric that drives the clamping beam with dual motors and dual motors for the folding beam makes the FORMA the perfect machine for industrial manufacturing.
  • The clamping beam opens as the folding beam returns so they are positioned for the next step simultaneously.
  • With the crowning system, it is possible to make exact bends with high precision and a precise folding radius.
  • FORMA may also be provided with the Multifold tooling system, i.e. with divided tools in lower and folding beams.
  • The Multifold system can be combined with height adjustable back gauge, perfect for gauging reverse flanges on the back gauge. In this way all 3 beams will hold divided tooling, making it possible to fold very complicated profiles.
Foldning length: 4100 mm
Folding capacity steel: 2.5 mm
Folding capacity stainless: 1.6 mm
Folding capacity aluminium: 3.7 mm


  • Control System ProLink W control, with 18.5" touch screen and graphic programming
  • Automatic adjustment of sheet thickness 0-4.0 mm (0-.157") manually 4-20 mm (.157"-.787")
  • Adjustable crowning of folding beam rail
  • Combi clamping beam excluding straight rail and high divided tools
  • Frequency/servo driven motors for both clamping and folding beams, for variable folding speed
  • Continuous cooling of the motor for the upper beam
  • Foot pedal


  • Motorized back gauge with ball transfers as standard
  • Solid back gauge fingers (min. dimension 6 mm)(.236")
  • Squaring arm
  • Height adjustable back gauge (0-36 mm/1.41"), requires Multifold
  • Straight rail 30°
  • Lower beam rail
  • Multifold tooling execution with divided lower beam rail
  • Folding beam rail 7 mm (.276"), 10 mm (.394"), 15 mm (.591"), 20 mm (.787") and 30 mm (1.18")
  • High divided tools 125, 150 or 200 mm height with quick change and C-shaped tools with height 125 or 150 mm, radius = 1.0 mm
  • Straight rail and box tooling with 0.75 mm radius kit (hardened)
  • Round straight rail (R=2.5 and 4.0 mm)
  • Divided folding beam rails, 7, 10, 15, 20 and 30 mm (.275" .394" .59" .787" and 1.18")
  • Hardened rails and tools (undivided HRC 45, divided HRC 55)
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Automatic stop of folding beam on collision with operator
  • Moveable foot pedal on rail
  • Laser scanner at folding side of machine
  • Extra foot pedal with key switch
  • Moveable tool cart for divided tools
  • 21.5" widesreen instead of standard 18.5" for ProLink W
  • Off line program for ProLink W
  • Vacuum grippers for semi-automation

Basic machine

FORMA 40 Combi and Multifold excl. high div. tool for upper beam

Select the options you want the machine to be equipped with (all standard options are pre-selected). To learn more about the product, hover over the magnifying glass. The summary can be saved, printed or submitted to qualified CIDAN Machinery staff for a quote.

Control system
Safety features on folding beam side
Safety features on gauging side
Tooling-Straight rail
Tooling-High divided tool
Tooling-Lower beam tooling
Tooling-Folding beam tooling
Cut-out in lower beam tooling
Back gauges
Extension, Right side (1310 mm width)
Extension, intermediate (1400 mm width)
Extension, Left side (1310 mm width)
Pneumatic valve unit for extensions
Squaring arm right side, AGS
Squaring arm left side, AGS
Extra gauging rails